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Moving: Overlooked Items

Moving can be stressful and there are often items people tend to overlook. To avoid feeling overwhelmed during your move we have put together a list of items to keep you on track:

  1. Supplies: While people always make sure they have enough boxes and tape, items such as coloured stickers, garbage bags, bubble wrap and stretch wrap are often overlooked. These items will keep you organized and your possessions safely packed away. People tend to underestimate the amount of garbage bags they will need so make sure to purchase a big box!

  2. Random Household Items: When packing make sure to go through all closets, sheds and under the deck. The most common items left behind include: coffeepots, microwave, yard items and plants.

  3. Crawlspace/Attic: These spaces tend to be a graveyard for unused and even unwanted items. Make sure to give yourself ample time to sort through and get rid of anything you do not want to bring with you.

  4. Storage Unit: Does your new home have adequate storage? Or do you have to wait for possession of your new place? A storage unit can provide temporary storage until your new place is ready or if it simply does not have room.

  5. Mail Redirection: This is one of the most commonly overlooked items. Even though you may update your bank, service providers, etc. on your new address you should still have your mail redirected by the post office to ensure you are receiving all your mail. Click here to set up your mail redirection.

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