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Moving Checklist

View our pdf version here.

4 Weeks Prior to Move

☐ Book your move by calling 604.396.2686 or by visiting

☐ Go through your attic, basement, storage unit etc. and donate any unwanted items.

☐ If you live in an apartment building make sure to notify your building manager to book the elevator.

☐ Provide change of address to the following:

☐ Post Office


☐ House Insurance

☐ Doctor

☐ Dentist

☐ Bank

☐ Any Subscriptions

☐ Arrange cut off and/or activation dates for the following:

☐ Telephone

☐ Cable

☐ Internet

☐ Gas/Electricity/Water

☐ Garbage

☐ Gather packing supplies:

☐ Boxes (small, medium, large & wardrobe)

☐ Packing paper

☐ Bubble wrap

☐ Labels

☐ Or ask us about our packing services!

2 Weeks Prior to Move

☐ Have rugs and draperies cleaned

☐ Make any storage arrangements

☐ Make childcare and pet care arrangement

1 Week Prior to Move

☐ Dispose of flammable items that cannot be transported such as paint, propane tanks, ammunition, etc.

☐ Empty and defrost fridge and freezer day before move

☐ Prepare day of move essentials box:

☐ Paper Towel

☐ Toilet Paper

☐ Trash Bags

☐ Scissors

☐ Small Tools

☐ Hand Soap

☐ Coffee Pot & Coffee

☐ Medication

☐ Shower Curtain

☐ Towels

☐ Pet Food

☐ Dish Soap

Move Day

☐ Place essentials box in your vehicle

☐ All boxes are labeled on top and sides of each box

☐ All electronics and appliances are unplugged

☐ Ensure premises are clean

☐ Final walk through – check all rooms and closets

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