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4 Simple Steps to Staging your Home

1. First Impressions

Make your home welcoming from the start. The front of your home sets the first impression for potential buyers. Make sure to have items such as a welcome mat and planters to give that warm and inviting feeling. Other steps you can take are power washing, mowing the lawn, and ensure all windows are clean.

2. Home Lighting

Make sure your home is as bright as possible. Let in natural light by having all curtains and blinds open. This will give the appearance your home is larger and open. You can also increase the wattage in lamps and fixtures.

3. Remove Personal Items

You want your home to feeling welcoming but you want potential buys to be able to picture themselves in the space. Take down family photos and any quirky decorating.

4. Organize

Bye, bye clutter! This is a budget friendly method to making your rooms appear larger. Get rid of large pieces of furniture that are too big for the room. If you have a room that serves as a junk graveyard repurpose it into something useful such as a spare bedroom, home office or gym.

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