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How to Pack Your Bathroom

Even though it may be the smallest room in your house most bathrooms become a graveyard of unused items. Moving is the perfect opportunity to sort and purge your bathroom. Here are a few tips and tricks to make packing your bathroom a breeze:

  • Start by organizing your bathroom items. Set aside items you actually use and toss anything empty or expired. You can also take this opportunity to toss any old towels or mats you no longer use. Remember to donate any linen items that are still in good condition.

  • Set aside your daily essentials and medications. Make sure to include these items in your move day essentials box.

  • Pack toiletries in small boxes. Put any items that could leak in a plastic bag to avoid a messy situation when you go to unpack. We recommend packing your shower curtain and bath linens at the top of these boxes to keep everything in place.

  • Label all boxes "This Side Up"

  • Consider using plastic bins to pack toiletries so that if a leak does occur it is a simple clean up.

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