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10 Tips to Make Packing a Breeze

If you plan to do your own packing here are our top 10 tips to make it a smooth process:

1. Try to give yourself as much time as possible. Make your moving arrangements as far ahead of your moving date as you can to reduce stress and avoid a last minute rush.

2. Have a garage sale to get rid of unused and unwanted items.

3. Label your boxes by the room you would like them moved into. For example: master bedroom, kitchen, basement, garage, etc. Assigning a different color sticker to each room so that boxes are easier to identify is also useful.

4. Pack a “first day essentials” box with the items you will need right away. Some examples include: paper towel, toilet paper, trash bags, scissors, small tools, hand soap, dish soap and coffee pot. Also, make sure to pack this box in your own car so it does not get lost amongst the boxes.

5. Use plastic wrap or packing paper and tape to wrap silverware drawers. This will keep all items together and make unpacking easy.

6. Use cardboard partitions to pack breakables. These will help ensure your glassware and dishes stay in one piece.

7. Tape all items that can spill such as liquid soap, shampoo, cleaners, etc.

8. Pack heavy items in small boxes.

9. Put any screws or hardware in labeled Ziploc bags and tape the bag inside the corresponding box or furniture.

10. Before unplugging electronics label your cords. A piece of tape with the name of the corresponding equipment will save you time when you begin to unpack.

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